Thank you all Baa Baa Friends for taking part in the Baa Code Hunt.

Each Baa Code can has a code on the back of the label. 

To win the prize, all you need to do is peel the label and decipher the code. 

Deciphered code will reveal the prize. 

There is few prizes of each category. Prizes include:

A. Free Baa Baa pint

B. Free Baa Baa crowler

C. 1 free Baa Baa 4 pack

D. 3 free Baa Baa crowlers

E. $50 Baa Baa gift card

F. Free 4 pack for a year

G. Free pint for life

H. One case of any baa baa beer

If you were lucky and your Baa Code label revealed the prize - CONGRATULATIONS!

To claim the prize please fill out the form below. Please upload the photo of the back of the Baa Code Label using upload button below.

Upon submitting the form you will receive an email. We will process the winning label and contact you with instructions on how to claim your prize. 

Baa Code Hunt - Prize Claim Form
Upload photo of the Baa Code label
Upload supported file (Max 15MB)