Fruit Ninja quality report

Fruit Ninja - Enter the Dragon with passion Fruit, Peach and Dragon Fruit is unfiltered, unpasteurized heavily fruited sour ale.

Before the can release, the following changes were made to the packaging process to ensure quality and consistency of the product.

1. Consistency

During canning, Fruit Ninja - Enter the Dragon - samples were pulled from the canning line at a regular interval to evaluate the product consistency throughout packaging.  This batch passed the test.

2. Can explosion test

Fruit Ninja - Enter the Dragon - cans were stored at ambient temperature (70F) for specific time intervals prior to sale.  During that time, individual cans were sampled.  The samples were poured, at ambient temp, into a sample glass.  The sample pours were recorded and photographed.  After 120 hours, no can explosions were observed, however; a moderated increase in apparent carbonation level occurred through time.  No visual or physical damage to the cans occurred across this test interval.  

The video from the experiment can be found on below.

We are satisfied with these tests and are happy to announce that Fruit Ninja - Enter the Dragon is ready for the release.